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Materials and their Properties for KS1

Funky Junk

An interactive show where children work as a team to recycle rubbish into something useful.

The local rubbish tip is getting very full and the children have to help recycle all of the stuff people keep throwing away. Infants help with sorting, choosing, changing and using all of the funky junk! There are fun demonstrations throughout, which allow volunteers to show what they already know about everyday materials and basic science concepts.

This project is designed to explore Materials and their Properties by using children's natural enthusiasm for recycling and caring for the environment.

Teachers' Comments

The Funky Junk workshop was a very valuable experience for all children present. They learnt a lot about materials in a fun and interactive way: Maes-y-coed Primary.

Excellent presentation, very hands on and linked to National Curriculum and Early Years. Thoroughly enjoyed it: Tondu Primary.

Learning Outcomes

Children will:

Ø Learn how to sort materials into basic groups (metal, plastic, paper, glass, wood)

Ø Test glass to see if it is transparent or translucent

Ø Test to see if all metals are attracted to a magnet

Ø Explore how plastic can be changed by heating and cooling

Ø Explore how wood can be changed by cutting and sanding

Ø Explore how foam rubber can be changed by squashing

Ø Gain an understanding of how materials can be changed and used again through recycling.

Eco Days

This project is an excellent way to kick-start or to reinforce any Eco project, as the schools below did:

Pupils at Ashfield Park School found themselves on the front page of the Ross Gazette after taking part in a performance of Funky Junk on their Eco Day.

Pupils from Perdiswell Primary School also had fun working with Timezones on their Eco-Day.

DURATION: 50 minutes

TEACHERS' NOTES: Click here for Funky Junk Teachers' Notes (opens in new tab/window).

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