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Physical Processes for KS1

Mega Mechanics for KS1

An interactive show where children work as a team to design an amazing fairground ride.

Your infant pupils are the Mega-Mechanics, and we need them to help us design the best theme park ride ever! They will explore different movements and their causes and then put them into the ‘Super Ride’. They will also use light and sound effects to make the ride even better, and these will be powered by electricity, so the Mega-Mechanics will have to look at that too!

Following a number of requests from infant teachers, we created this play to cover physical processes, focussing particularly on the tricky topic of forces and motion. ‘Mega-Mechanics’ is a lively interactive performance where volunteers help with various experiments to make sure that the ‘Super Ride’ is on the right track.

Teachers' Comments

The workshop accommodated a variety of learning styles to focus on quite a difficult learning objective in science. The success of session can be measured by the enthusiastic response of the pupils who interacted so well in this good learning experience: Trelewis Primary.

All the relevant vocabulary was used very effectively: Pencoed Infants.

Learning Outcomes

Children will:

Ø Learn the difference between push and pull

Ø Explore speeding up and slowing down, and how gravity affects them

Ø Look at changing direction, and gain an understanding of how an outside force is needed to change the direction of a moving object

Ø Explore sunlight and electric light, and that dark is caused by the exclusion of light

Ø Explore sound, and how our ears can tell different sounds apart, as well as proximity of a sound

Ø Learn how to wire up a simple electric circuit to power a motor.

Kid's Comment

The fairground show was amazing, I could not believe my eyes. I loved the changing direction and speeding up bit, and I loved the paper teddy bear: Francesca, Whitchurch C of E Primary.

DURATION: 50 minutes

Kids' work

TEACHERS' NOTES: Click here for Mega Mechanics Teachers' Notes (opens in new tab/window).

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