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Earth Sciences for KS2

Movers & Shakers


An interactive show where children work as a team to design a new Planet Earth.

Every year there are more and more people on planet earth. What can you do? It’s obvious - build another earth! How? By coming along to a training session with Timezones. There you’ll learn some surprising facts about rocks and stuff, in fact everything you’ll need to know to help build Earth 2. Think you’re up to it? The future is in your hands!

This is a fun play for children to watch and participate in as trainee planet engineers of the future. They examine different materials and their properties, types of rock, plates and their problems, and for the fun of it fossils are examined by turning a live volunteer into a fossil by encasing their head in quick setting porridge, hacking their head off and then doing some scientific/geological nonsense.


Learning Outcomes

Pupils will:

Ø Look at population increase and sustainability

Ø Look at the natural materials that make up our planet

Ø Gain an understanding of atoms and molecules

Ø Explore the three forms of matter: solid, liquid & gas

Ø Discover how temperature and pressure affects matter

Ø Learn to identify metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous rocks

Ø Explore why the Earth needs tectonic plates

Ø Look at what causes earthquakes and volcanoes

Ø Discover how fossils are formed



As well as touring to hundreds of schools across the country, we’ve also performed 'Movers & Shakers' at the British Association of Science Festival, the Natural History Museum in London and in June 2013 we'll be performing it in the EDF Energy Arena at the Cheltenham Festival of Science.

DURATION: 50 minutes

Movers & Shakers kids' work

TEACHERS' NOTES : Click here for Movers & Shakers Teachers' Notes (opens in new tab/window).

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