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Science for KS2

The whole Science Curriculum in 1 hour!



TIME: The present.
MISSION: Explore new planet.
DIFFICULTY: Too hard for humans, too hard for robots, but together…

Your junior pupils must work together, as the top secret RoboKid Development Team, to design a futuristic Cyborg capable of surviving the journey through space to explore the newly discovered planet. Using their knowledge of the entire KS2 science curriculum, they must participate in practical experiments and demonstrations to turn one brave volunteer into an almost superhuman space explorer: ROBOKID

This interactive performance covers the complete science curriculum for Key Stage 2. Volunteers and audience participation are used to demonstrate each point. The show is suitable for the whole of KS2, each demonstration acting as an introduction for the younger classes and consolidation for the older ones. Follow-up resources and project ideas are also provided.

Teachers' Comments

Exciting presentation with effective visual aids. Hands on experiences valuable and key points instilled in memories in a fun way. Humorous show geared to all ages: Gwaunmeisgyn Primary.

Staff members impressed with coverage of programme of study, and pupils thoroughly enjoyed workshop: Brynnau Primary.


Learning Outcomes

Pupils will:

Ø Explore the motion of Earth through space in relation to the sun, and gain an understanding of how we measure days and years

Ø Learn that sound cannot travel through space as waves, so radio transmitters have to be used for communication

Ø Explore the relation between humans and plant life, by looking at how humans breathe in air, and after using the oxygen, breathe out Co2. Also how plants absorb Co2 and produce oxygen. Parts of a plant are named, and the heart and lungs are explored in humans, along with the digestive system

Ø Gain an understanding of what causes water to exist as a solid, a liquid, and a gas. They will also explore how to purify dirty water by sieving, and by evaporating and condensing.

Ø Explore materials and their properties and choose materials suitable to be used as synthetic bones and skin

Ø Learn how to wire a simple electric circuit to power motors.


Kids' Comments

Thank you for spending time with us today, it was really interesting and funny. I learned all about the body and about plants and about batteries and air, water, warmth and all the other stuff: Sophie, Barton Stacey Primary.

I loved the show. I learned and had fun at the same time: Eloise, Barton Stacey Primary.

DURATION: 50 minutes

RoboKids kids' work

TEACHERS' NOTES: Click here for RoboKids Teachers' Notes (opens in new tab/window).

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