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Chronology and History for KS1 & 2

The 500 Year Tour


These brand new presentations are designed to help pupils look at history in a fresh way.  Your Time Travelling Tour Guide will lead you on a journey through the past 2000 years, giving pupils an understanding of chronology, and a vocabulary to help them visualise this span of time.  The KS2 tour travels back to Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome before stopping off in the Tudor & Victorian periods for a closer look.  KS1 pupils travel backwards through the same periods, returning briefly through the rationing years following WW2.  These interactive plays introduce pupils to the pivotal events and people of history, and end back in our time with a look at how the history of that period has influenced our lives today.
The performances both last one hour, and can be watched by an unlimited audience.

This project has been put together in response to requests from a number of teachers who have seen our other interactive plays, and in consultation with them we have decided to come up with this fresh approach to History, which we hope will excite and enthuse your pupils.  Typical feedback from the last project we created is ‘Brilliant, kept whole key stage enthralled and interested.’ 

Our Tour Guide will need the help of some history experts to explore the past, and your pupils perfectly fit the bill.  Volunteers will take part in demonstrations, and audience activities will help to illustrate the curriculum, so that children understand and remember the fascinating development of our civilisation.

Pupils will:

  • Acquire an understanding of measurements of time
  • Apply the correct vocabulary to the passing of time
  • Gain an understanding of how the periods studied at KS1&2 fit together
  • Explore some of the events and people who have shaped our world
  • Examine how the events of the past ‘ripple down’ and effect our lives

FEEDBACK ON THE FIRST PERFORMANCE OF THE 2000 YEAR TOUR: 'Really interesting... and great fun!' Class Teacher, Ysgol y Ferch o'r Sger.

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