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TIME & TIDES – The Science of Cardiff Bay

The performance lasts about 1 hour and is aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils.

These notes are provided in advance for the teacher’s benefit, BUT please do not let your class know the content of the performance in advance.


What happens in the Workshop

‘Time & Tides’ is an interactive play looking at the science of Cardiff Bay. Lord Bute has sent his assistant forwards in time to find out how Cardiff Docks has changed since his day.

The performance is fun for all to watch and to participate in, as volunteers are used throughout, and a constant dialogue with the audience helps pupils to understand and remember the topics covered.


A VOLUNTEER SCIENTIST helps us to apply scientific method to understand the effect of the Barrage on Cardiff Bay. We use a series of pictures, and a bucket to look at how tides work, and how high tides and high rainfall used to cause flooding in Cardiff. We then look at how the barrage has turned Cardiff Bay into a freshwater lake, and how it prevents flooding in modern day Cardiff.


TWO VOLUNTEER ENVIRONMENTAL OFFICERS look at a picture of a fish tank, and help us to explore how the water in the bay is kept healthy by a series of air pumps. They also explore the delicate balance of the eco system by seeing which species would tip the scales if not balanced out, such as midges being eaten by bats, or fish being eaten by herons. They look at a scenario where humans have to intervene to maintain the balance, such as with Zebra Mussels, a Nuisance Invasive Species.


The sustainable features of the Senedd building are briefly discussed, but then FOUR VOLUNTEERS help to look at the locally sourced, materials used to build the Wales Millennium Centre.


The acoustics of the Millennium Centre are looked at by getting the whole audience to join in a song about how sound travels as waves, bounces off hard surfaces, and is absorbed by people. We briefly demonstrate how an empty theatre can sound like a full one.


SIX VOLUNTEERS help to look at some of the jobs that are carried out in the Bay today, along with the key skills needed to do each job. These are a sailor, an architect, a chef, a tour guide, a politician, and a member of the Harbour Authority environment team.

Artworks and sculptures of The Bay are briefly discussed, and the time machine target is discovered on the barrage, so Lord Bute’s assistant heads off there to be transported back to his time after thanking the audience for their help.


This is the latest interactive science project created by Timezones Curriculum Support.

Details of all our other KS1 & 2 Projects are on our website www.timezones-education.co.uk

The project was created with support from Mid Glamorgan Education Business Partnership

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