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What we do and WHY: The 'No Explosions' Manifesto.

We've never blown anything up in a school: we've always preferred making things to destroying them. But in the past, we've always concentrated on telling you what we DO, rather than what we DON'T do.

But a little while ago we noticed an article in the Times Ed bemoaning the fact that so many kids think science it just about explosions, because there are so many 'science' shows that just do that, both live and on TV.

So we thought it was about time we stated clearly WHAT we do and WHY, and also why we DON'T DO certain things. We call this...


We at Timezones Curriculum Support Ltd strive to EXPLAIN science to kids, not to blind them with it.

We provide shows and workshops covering STEM topics (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

When we design our shows and workshops, we will always make the subjects as active as possible, and involve the kids as much as possible. We believe in learning by doing, and in reinforcing that learning by using many learning methods simultaneously.

We will ALWAYS demonstrate the topics as useful steps towards a goal that the kids can achieve (ie designing a new school or solving a crime). Kids learn easier if they see things in context, as part of a process that they themselves are involved in.

We will NEVER use GRATUITOUS EXPLOSIONS, special effects, or other extraneous fluff that is there only to hype the kids up without adding to their learning experience.

We will ALWAYS attempt to suplement the pupil's learning by providing a DIFFERENT example of what they learn in the classroom, so the child can recognize that what they did in class also works out of class, and vice versa. If a brain has two different examples of something it can link them together, and remember them more easily.

We will NEVER present scientists as negative stereotypes. The images of 'mad scientists', 'boffins' or 'nerds' are cheap shots that may get laughs, but ultmiately alienate kids. Like we say in 'Time & Tides', good science is not 'mad', it is people doing what people do best: asking questions and searching for ways to explain things.

We will ALWAYS try to be funny when it helps the learning, but we will never be stupid or silly.

We will NEVER take the easy and anti-scientific approach of assuming a scientific theory cannot be challenged. Scientific theories are MODELS: metaphors that help you think about things (a molecule isn't REALLY tiny ping-pong balls stuck together with cocktail sticks, it just behaves like that under certain circumstances). We will strive to help kids understand that theories are works in progress, and that they themselves may improve upon them in the future.

And in that spirit...

We will ALWAYS find the MOST UNDERSTANDABLE WAY to help your children understand the topic: the model that THEY can grasp, so that THEY can understand.



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